P E T R A S   E S S A Y S   I N   E N G L I S H


Argentina: From popular rebellion to "normal capitalism"
(pdf 108 kb)
April 2004

Third World resistance and western intellectual solidarity
April 7, 2004

Latin American strategies:
Class-based direct action versus populist electoral politics
March 2004

US elections: Their future and ours
March 4, 2004

Capitalism versus socialism: The great debate revisited
March 1, 2004

New book of James Petras, edited in Internet by (pdf 256 kb)
Brazil and Lula: Year Zero
January 2004

Social Democracy
January 24, 2004

Bush's State of the Empire speech
January 22, 2004

Interview with James Petras in Turkey (pdf 34 kb)
To support critically Erdogan government is a pact with the devil
Çigdem Çidamlı and Hakan Tanittiran
January 16, 2004

Reflections on 2003: Ideologues and prophets, left and right
December 25, 2003

The meaning of Saddam's capture
December 15, 2003

The King from Babylon witnessed the birth of the savior in Bethlehem
December 1, 2003

Imperialism and Resistance in Latin America
November 6, 2003

Human Rights in Brazil under the Da Silva regime
November 2003

Brazil and the FTAA
September 29, 2003

US invasion of Iraq: The phony war and popular resistance
September 15, 2003

pdf 106 kb
Anti-imperialist politics: Class formation and socio-political action
September 11, 2003

US trade policy after Cancun
September 17, 2003

The last jew in Kabul goes to a Brooklyn court
September 10, 2003

The Great Defecation Debate
August 29, 2003

The politics of the UN tragedy
August 24, 2003

Who fabricated the Iraq war threat: An inside view
August 10, 2003

Empire Building and Rule: U.S. and Latin America
(pdf 270 kb)
June 25, 2003

Present situation in Latin America
June 6, 2003

U.S.'s ratings of Latin American regimes
June 2, 2003

pdf 132 kb
Argentina: 18 Months of Popular Struggle - A Balance
May 28, 2003

The Responsibility of the Intellectuals: Cuba, the U.S. and Human Rights
May 28, 2003

The evil genius of empire: Will Iraq arise again?
April 18, 2003

Where has Al Queda disappeared? Where has the “terrorist conspiracy” gone?
April 6, 2003

Iraq : The Irony of History
April 5, 2003

Total war: resistance, humanitarian aid and the media
March 30, 2003

Whither Brazil?
James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer
March 21, 2003 (pdf 105 kb)

Empire and labor: U.S. and Latin America
Jan 10, 2003 (pdf 173 kb)

Genocidal war: Lessons for the future
March 20, 2003

What Makes Perry Run?
March 13, 2003

Genocide and Everyday Life in the USA
March 13, 2003

The war and premeditated genocide: What is at stake?
Feb. 12, 2003

Culture and the challenges of the contemporary world
Jan. 21, 2003

2003: A Year of Imperial Wars, Economic Crises and Popular Uprisings
Dec. 28, 2002

Grito de los Excluidos
Dec. 26, 2002

Nuevas Amenazas y Viejos Apologistas
A Reply to Horacio Verbitsky
Dec. 17, 2002

Neo-liberalism, popular resistance and mental health
Dec. 17, 2002

Nov. 29, 2002

A degenerating empire
Nov.27, 2002

ALCA: Viewed from the U.S.
October 23, 2002

The Bush Doctrine: Unrestrained empire building
September 28, 2002

Worker self-management in historical perspective
James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer
September 25, 2002

How the empire works: The second track
September 10, 2002

Brazil: Neo-Liberalism, crises and electoral politics
September 8, 2002

Nine Eleven: One year of empire building
Aug 12, 2002

Wanted: A UN Secretary General with integrity
Aug 12, 2002

Antonio the swindler
August 2002

After gaza Sharon's final solution
July 25, 2002

Paradoxes of injustice: war and crises
July 7, 2002

The triple crises in the U.S.
June 30, 2002

Argentina: Between disintegration and revolution
James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer
June 20, 2002

James Petras on how the U.S. tried to topple Hugo Chávez
"The coup was directed by the White House"
June 9, 2002

Who Rules the World?
May 14, 2002

Right/left polarization: The ballot box and the street
May 10, 2002

Western model, Third World Disaster: Argentina 1990-2002
May 10 , 2002

Who finances the State of Israel?
April 30, 2002

Jenin: Auschwitz or the Warsaw Ghetto?
April 29, 2002

The bellringer
April 6, 2002

Palestine: the final solution and Jose Saramago
April 2 2002

The Archbishop's voracious appetite
March 30, 2002

Anti-globalization, militarism and lamebotismo
March 26, 2002

The struggle for Socialism today
March 3, 2002

Porto Alegre 2002: A tale of two forums
February 17, 2002

International Conspiracy Revisited: 9/11 Five Months Later
February 14, 2002

Israel and the U.S: Petras replies to his critics
February 10, 2002

The Unemployed Workers Movement in Argentina
January 27, 2002

A writer of exceptional talent
Januari 23, 2002

Israel and the U.S: A Unique Relationship
Januari 22, 2002

Socialist values and culture
Januari 4, 2002

Colombia: The FARC and the Trade Unions
December 11, 2001

The Ford Foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police
December 15, 2001

Intellectuals and the war: From retreat to surrender
December 2001

The post-communist generation

James Petras on the Argentinazo:
"You have to take action from below"

The Big Bed and the popular uprising (Under the bed revolution)

Argentinazo: Positive lessons of mass direct action

Argentina: Una navidad con comida, juguetes y muertos

A Christmas story:The nativity in the occupied territories

A conscientious doctor

The imperial counter offensive: Contradictions, challenges and opportunities

The peasantry and the state in Latin America
James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer

Non-Governmental Organizations in a conjuncture of conflict and war psychosis

Dirty money

A nation of informers. The friendly face of fascim

Empire-building in Latin America: U.S. military strategy

Petras on Plan Colombia (.pdf file)

Centrality of the state on the contemporary world

Open letter to french "friends of America"
November 20, 2001

September 11, beyond the human tragedy: The other World Trade Center/Pentagon

Review Essay on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
Empire with imperialism
October 29, 2001

Washington's conspiracy theory rejected

The myth of the Third Scientific-Technological Revolution in the era of neo-mercantilist empires

Neo mercantilist empire in Latin America: Bush, ALCA and Plan Colombia

Notes toward an understanding of revolutionary politics today

U.S. China conflict
May 2001

Left intellectuals and the desperate search for respectability
Accommodation with the status quo
March 2001

The asian crises and U.S. hegemony
March 2001

Overseas education: Dispelling official myths in Latin America
Winter 2000

The Third Way: myth and reality
march 2000

Brazil: The Rural Landless Workers Movement
The movement gains momentum
March 2000

Rebellion in Ecuador
February 2000

Cultural imperialism in the late 20th century
February 2000

China in the context of globalization
january 2000

The CIA and the Cultural Cold War revisited
November 1999

The Olympics: From Pericles to Samaranch
May 1999

Globalization: A Socialist Perspective
January 1999

The New Revolutionary Peasantry
The growth of peasant-led opposition to neoliberalism
October 1998

Detour in the democratic transition
Summer 1998

Chiapas: The Mexican Kosova
March 1998

James Petras on the Communist Manifesto
March 1998

Our "Man in Mexico" and the Chiapas Massacre
Mexico is a virtual trade colony of the U.S.
January 1998

Imperialism and NGOs in Latin America
December 1997

A Marxist critique of post-Marxists
November 1997

Nato expansion
September 1997

The political economy of early debt payment
February, 1997

El Salvador: White paper on the white paper
March 28, 1981